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Quest Research Group L.L.C., is a premier licensed and insured, full-service Private Investigation agency headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.

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What We Do

We provide Insurance Surveillance, Background Checks, Employment Screenings, Skip-Tracing, Alive & Well checks, Attorney services and a wide variety of other products and services covering the entire State of Michigan.

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Background Checks

Background check services can help you learn a lot about someone. Whether you’re wondering about the financial history of a potential new business partner or the criminal record of your blind date, it’s important to understand how background check services work before you use them.

Process Service

At Quest, we understand how important it is to you and your clients to have subpoenas and other court documents served quickly and efficiently.
We currently have an over 93% success rate on our process serving!  Even if the information provided to you in the file is incorrect (some people do not want to be found) our experts will dig deep and get the job done!!

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